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Qualifications and Experience Elias Akeri

  • Registered Tax Agent under Australian Commonwealth Legislation. (Tax Practitioners Board)
  • Holds Public Accounting practice certificate (Institute of Public Accountants Australia)
  • Membership: Fellow member at the Institute of Public Accountants Australia (IPA).
  • ASIC – Registered SMSF Auditor (Self-managed Super Fund Auditor) pursuant to Section 35C of the Superannuation Industry Supervisory Act 1993 and hold an SMSF Auditor Number) issued by ASIC.
  • Elias respect every work as we are all equal and respects individual background. All works are confidential.

Elias Akeri is a Tax agent, Registered SMSF Auditor and Fellow Member of the Institute of Public Accountants in Australia. Elias abides by the professional Code of conduct and Ethics issued by the professional bodies. Elias can assist you in meeting your legal requirements Accounting, Bookkeeping superannuation audits & taxation implications.

Akeri SMSF Auditors predominantly audits self-managed super funds from accounting firms, which ensures auditing independence. When auditing the work of clients of an accounting firm, Akeri SMSF Auditors will only contact the nominated representative of the accounting firm we do not contact the client of the accountant unless specifically instructed by the accountant.

Akeri SMSF Auditors has an extensive client base with clients in every state and territory and audits several SMSF super funds every year. We are based in Melton Victoria but our client relationship span across Australia. No matter where you are located, or how large or small your audit requirements are, Akeri SMSF Auditors can assist you throughout the audit preparation process. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss how our range of services can be tailored to assist you with your auditing needs.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund AuditsKnow About SMFS Audits

Self-managed Super funds (SMSF) are superannuation funds and something that can be defined as one of the superlative options if you want to set up finance for your retirement. It is to be noted they are regulated and are controlled by the Australian taxation office.

SMSF is quite different from other funds – SMSF is quite different from other funds. One of the biggest advantages of this process is, it has direct command over the superannuation funds. It is really very essential to carry out an SMSF audit as these funds are capable of purchasing an array of assets or any kind of property.

The auditors should have enough knowledge to do the needful – The SMSF auditors should have enough knowledge and expertise to perform a strong audit in order to exclude possible problems. It is always wise to select a wise and professional SMSF audit firm.

The audit process will assist you to go through the details – What it does is, it allows eliminating all major issues and enhancing the service of self-managed superannuation. In reality, an audit is sure to assist you to go through the rules and allows to protect yourself managed super funds. Through this particular procedure, you can confirm that your particular fund will meet the terms and rules.

Our professionals are ready to do the needful for you – We hope we have been able to educate you in a proper manner regarding SMSF audits and ways of managing it. We being a professional organization are ready to provide all the necessary details that are sure to make your task seamless. The professionals are ready to imply all the trades and tricks only for you. All you can do is have faith in us for continued and valued service.

Speed, accuracy, qualitySMSF Audit Benefits

One can engage in any investment

One of the biggest advantages of managed superannuation funds is that the beneficiary, who is also the trustee can engage in any investment. Since SMSF are capable of purchasing property, it is being advised to go ahead of an SMSF audit.

The audits are conducted by professional auditors

All the audits being done are conducted by professional auditors. The auditors’ working with us does have the authority to carry out an optimized audit in order to rule out possible problems.

You can save quantum time

If our auditors take up the task; you can rest assured that you will not have to concentrate on the auditing task. In fact, you can go ahead and concentrate on your daily chores.